Explore the World through GeoGuessr

GeoGuessr is perfect for engaging students through game-based learning. The game drops you into 5 different locations around the world using Google's Street View. Your task is to figure out the location. You can move forward, backwards and turn 360 degrees around. You earn points based on how close your guess is to the actual location. 

I am addicted to GeoGuessr and play it all the time. I showcased the tool during a presentation that my friend Kellie Lambert and I did at the Texas ASCD Conference last weekend. The following day we were approached by several people from the session that stated they too are now addicts.  

To some this might look like just a game. To me it is a way to get students to think critically, while sharpening their problem-solving skills. Encourage students to:

  • look at posted signs to narrow down locations based on language. 
  • study the materials used to construct buildings
  • use the trees and land to narrow down parts of the world

Here are a few ways to integrate GeoGuessr with students:

  • Math: try and 'crack' the algorithm used to award points based on distance from location. 
  • Social Studies: study various locations and cultures around the world 
  • Writing: describe setting, descriptive language, writing prompts
  • Science: identify biomes 

Check out this quick video (no audio) showcasing how it works. 

You can even narrow down the given locations by choosing an already targeted area. 

Use the GeoSettr website, if you want to create your own GeoGuessr challenge. Here are two challenges I have created: 
  • Ronald Reagan - 5 locations President Reagan lived throughout his life. Do not give students this information prior to playing the game. Have them guess the "theme" after playing the game. There are "clues" presented during the game. 
  • The Outsiders - hook students prior to reading The Outsiders by taking them on a journey around some of the locations highlighted in the book. 

You have been forewarned...this game is addicting. Happy traveling the world!! 

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